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Apicoltura Laterza e l`azienda leader in Italia nella vendita di api regine, pacchi d`ape e nuclei. Da pochi giorni ha pubblicato il suo nuovo portale ( migliorando notevolmente l`esperienza di navigazione. Apicoltura Laterza e un`azienda in continua espansione infatti, per il 2019, prevede di duplicare la produzione di pacchi d`ape, api regine e nuclei.
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It all started with a simple thought. Will anyone want a sarong kebaya dress? How will it be like to be dressed like one of these stewardesses? How will the average girl in the street look like wearing it? Will anyone even want to wear anything like that? That was in 2005. We put up the very first sarong kebaya dress on eBay, kept our fingers crossed that someone will somehow want to have our dress. When a lady from UK bidded on our dress, we asked her more questions that she did to us! Why do you need this dress? How do you intend to wear it? You think you want to buy another for your sister? What about your grandma? Fortunately, she paid before we pissed her off. We got our very first sales and went on to do a few more. It was a very interesting experience to know that the sarong kebaya dress means different thing to different people.
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